Science CMS

Logo Science CMS Science CMS is a multi-site Content Management System (CMS) and dedicated Web crawler. Typically a CMS makes it easy to publish and administrate information coming from various origin. There is also a clear separation of content, structure and design. A standard feature of Science CMS is the possibility to manage several websites within a single software installation. Added to Science CMS are several modules with data mining modules.


  • Content production - Designed with non-technical content editors.
  • Decentralized - Edit anywhere, anytime.
  • Design - Content is stored separate from Web design.
  • Navigation - Menus are generated automatically based on the content.
  • Access - Users are assigned roles and permissions.
  • Versions - All changes in Web pages are stored.
  • Search Engines - All pages can be found and indexed by search engines.
  • Multiple Websites - Within a single software installation, it is possible to create multiple websites.
  • Mobile Devices - compatible thanks to responsive design

Standard Modules

  • Editor - Create and edit every page directly online.
  • Text Search - The built-in search engine can index the intranet and the Web pages.
  • Secured Contact - The contact page is secured
  • Sitemap - The sitemap (map of all Web pages) is automatically generated
  • Printer Friendly - Only text content is printed.

Extended Modules

  • Job Module - Advertising open positions
  • Agenda module - Bring all your events online
  • Alerts - Send alerts to your followers
  • Publications Repository - The publications database system allows to managed a complete bibliographic database.

Software and Technical Features

  • Edition: the userfriendly HTML editor is tinyMCE
  • Browser compatibility - Science CMS works with most current browsers Web browsers (MSIE, Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Android, etc).
  • Modular programing - The CMS is modular, and additional features can be added or removed from the system.
  • Development - Due to its modular and clear programing, the CMS can be extended or modified.
  • Software required - The CMS is installed on our server. You do not need any special software.
  • Quality Assurance - Pages are HTML and CSS validated by W3C


  • Automated Server Report : the server is checked every hour against standard problems.
  • Login: login are always encrypted with SHA1 160 bits keys
  • HTTPS: the administration part run under HTTPS server with SSL encryption.
  • Independant MySQL Users
  • Backup - There is a backup on the entire database content every day.
  • The access to the CMS back-end can be restricted

Certifications and Awards

Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional Valid CSS! W3C mobileOK Qualidator Certification

Award Anthrazit Award - The portal based on Science CMS, was awarded by the magazin Anthrazit as being one of the 200 best websites in Switzerland in 2009. [Anthrazit February 2009 "Die 200 Best Websites 2009"]. has about 1500 unique visitors per day in 2010.

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